Powerful mix of house, techno, Brazil & breakbeats

Davidecks & Drums

Su 10.04 14:00 Balmalp, Zug


It is said a DJ presents records. A drummer masters his drum set. But when both are combined on stage, this is known as Davidecks & Drums. FM4 DJ and showman Kristian Davidek, known from “FM4 Davidecks” and “FM4 Discodecks”, breaks the boundaries of a conventional DJ set and lets his turntables become part of a band. 

Daniel Schreiber plays the drums to Kristian Davidek’s eclectic mix of House, Techno, Brazil and Breakbeats, combining different styles and reinterpreting the familiar, always bearing the audience in mind and throwing the odd wink their way.

This lively double act ensures their hybrid sound combining a live concert and DJ performance is a unique party experience: emotional, exciting yet surprising.


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